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How To Play
The object of the game is to align like colored gems in horizontal or vertical rows of 5 gems or more. Each time this is accomplished, the gems comprising that row will disapear.

The game begins with 3 gems in random placement on the board. To move a gem, simply click the gem you want to move, and then click the empty square you want to move it to. Gems that are surrounded horizontally and vertically by other gems cannot be moved, nor can gems be moved to empty squares that are surrounded by gems horizontally and vertically, unless the gem you are moving is one of the gems surrounding the empty square.

When you move a gem and have not created a row, four more gems will appear at random on the board. Each time you create a row of five, you are granted a one round reprieve of additional gem placements on the board. For each gem over the fifth in the row you create you will be granted one additional round of reprieve. For example, if you create a row of seven gems, you will not receive additional gems for two more rounds.

The different colored squares on the board denote the points you will recieve for creating a row of gems where one gem lies on that square. Pink squares are worth five points, green squares are worth three,blue are worth two and black are worth one.

Points are scored as such:
  • One point per gem in the row.
  • Additional points awarded for square values.
  • Two points per additional gem in the row beyond the fifth gem.

    The game ends when the board fills with gems.
  • How to Play
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