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11.05.2004 - MODI v1.4

I've updated the Mouseover DOM Inspector to work on sites serving their content with an application/xhtml+xml MIME type. This was accomplished by removing all instances of object creation with the non-standard (but oh so very handy) innerHTML property.

So the code is bigger, but at least its "future-proof". For now, at least. =P

All of the original functionality remains, but it should be noted that the innerHTML viewer/modifier invoked with the "v" key isn't going to work on application/xhtml+xml sites unless someone who is feeling far more industrious than I am right now figures out a way to make that work with straight DOM methods.

Making the conversion wasn't as big a pain as I had anticipated it to be, only taking about 45 minutes, and I suppose going forward with new projects I'll avoid innerHTML, but I sure am going to miss it. Over the next week or so (probably longer) I'll be retro-fitting the other favelets in the same manner.

If you've not seen it yet, Gez has a good article on his site about serving XHTML as application/xhtml+xml versus text/html.

Note: Clear your cache if you aren't getting the update, and let me know if you run into any problems.

Heck dude, do you get paid for this stuff or what??! Now no site is safe from MODI... Mwuuhahaaa
Posted by Andrew Krespanis on November 6, 2004 @ 12:07 am
This is, yet again, a great update.

One problem for me ( Firefox1.0 Win ) is that the height/width labels or data seem to be mixed up. Eg the News <h2> on this page has a height of 447px and a width of 31px.
Posted by John on November 10, 2004 @ 3:45 am

hehe, oops - had them backwards. Fixed -- thanks John!
Posted by Steve on November 10, 2004 @ 4:27 am

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