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HTTP Response Header Viewer Favelet

  • Current Version: 2.0
  • Last Revision: 03.01.2005 (v1.0: 12.05.2003)
  • Language: Javascript/PHP
  • Requires: MSIE6, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera 8.0, Opera 7.5 (v1.0 only)

Just go to the host you want to see the info for, and activate the favelet. To see what it does, click the following link:

HTTP Response Headers Viewer v1.0 for Opera 7.5

HTTP Response Header Viewer v2.0

To use, right click the appropriate link above and select "Bookmark this Link" or "Add to Favorites" pending your choice of browser.

Update v2.0 The favelet now uses XMLHttpRequest. This grants the following benefits:

  • It will now work on localhost and servers on private networks.
  • It's faster - one request to the javascript, rather than a request to the PHP, which requests your host, which then responds to the PHP, which then responds to you.
  • Less load for slayeroffice.

The drawback is that v2.0 doesnt work in Opera as of this writing. Update (04.19.2005):Robin Zalek informs us that Opera 8 supports the required methods now.

Note: Version 1.0 of this favelet uses PHP to do what it does. As such, if you invoke this on "localhost" or behind a development firewall or from your C: drive it isn't going to work. Simply put: the internet has to be able to get to wherever you are for it to do its thing.