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Style Sheet Tweak Favelet

  • Current Version: 1.2
  • Last Revision: 08.23.04
  • Language: Javascript
  • Requires: Mozilla, Firefox, Opera 9+

This favelet will allow you to modify the various CSS rules applied to a given document.

When invoked, the favelet will create a dropdown of all the selectors it finds in all referenced style sheets. Pick a selector from that dropdown and it's rules will be displayed in a text area. Change them, remove them or add new ones, hit the "Apply" button and the changes will take effect.

Quite handy when trying to debug a page.

Right click the following link and select "Bookmark this Link"

Style Sheet Tweak

Updates in v1.2

  • The application window is now draggable. Click and drag from the title bar to move it around.
  • The [esc] key will now close the application.

Updates in v1.1 (05.26.2004):

  • Add Selectors: Select "Add Selector(s)" or type away in the box with no selector picked and hit "apply". You can add more than one at a time.
  • Show CSS: Hit the "show" button to get the entire style sheet(s) written out in a new window
  • Delete: Choose a selector, hit the "delete" button and it and its rules will be gone.
  • Rules in style sheets with a "media" value of "print" will not be listed.