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Remove Children Favelet

  • Current Version: 1.1
  • Last Revision: 11.20.04
  • Language: Javascript
  • Requires: MSIE6, Mozilla, Firefox, Netsape 7+, Opera 7.5+

This favelet loops over document.getElementsByTagName("*") and hijacks each elements onclick, onmouseover and onmouseout events. It functions in similar fashion to the MODI with respect to background color highlights, but only adds a title attribute to the element noting what the element is and informing you to click on it to remove it from the DOM. It will also set the href of any <a> tags it comes across to "#" to allow them to be clicked on and removed.

Right click the following link and select "Bookmark this Link" or "Add to Favorites", depending your browser.
Remove Children

This favelet is also available through the Favelet Suite.

Update: v1.1:

Thanks to bteo:

  • Fixed a bug that had popped up in Firefox 1.0 where removing an "A" element would remove its parent element as well.
  • The favelet can now be turned off with the escape key.
  • It now works in Opera 7.5+
Update: v1.01 (04.28.2004): Made a small change to the code to set the "target" attribute of an <a> tag to "_self". If you've already bookmarked v1.0, you'll want to rebookmark this new version as it's inline, not hosted here.