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04.27.2004 - WinIE6 Ruler v1.1

I've made some improvements/bug fixes on the WinIE6 Ruler favelet. They are:

  • When closing the favelet, all masks and info boxes will clear at once. No more hitting keys multiple times to get rid of them.
  • When you create a new mask, the info box for the old mask will "snap" to the bottom right corner of the mask it belongs to, rather than floating where it was when you hit the "+" key.
  • You can now close inactive info boxes. A link entitled "Hide Me" will appear at the bottom of the box.

I've also optimized the code a bit, using object reference arrays over DOM methods, resulting in smaller, presumably faster code. Not a lot smaller, only 363 bytes, but I'll take what I can get. If there is anything else you'd like to see it do, or if I've inadvertantly introduced any new bugs, let me know.

If the changes arent showing up for you, you'll want to clear your cache. Thanks go to Frederic for the bug report.

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