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05.10.2004 - DTC v1.1 and Opera 7.50 Goodness

Update #1: A new point version of the Document Tree Chart.

Update includes --

  • A couple of small bug fixes.
  • Addition of the ability to toggle the view from horizontal to vertical and back by pressing the "T" key.
  • Windows Opera 7.50b now supported. (Still a bit shaky on the horizontal layout though...something screwy in the CSS, I'm just not sure what.)

Update #2: With the release of Opera 7.50b for Windows and it's support of the centralized delivery method of favelets that I prefer, lots of them are now working in that version of the browser. In applications where I was actively blocking document.all (like the Javascript Object Tree) I'm checking the user-agent string for "Opera" (since document.all is MSIE as well as Opera) so if your install of Opera is masquerading as something else -- say MSIE without Opera in the string -- they'll just return out with the standard "sorry, blah blah" dialog. If you're aware of a DOM method that Opera supports that MSIE6 does not (or vice-versa), let me know about it.

A few things that now work in Opera 7.50b, in addition to the DTC are:

There may be others as well...I neglected to note everything. If you should come across anything on the site that turns out to work with Opera 7.50b that I haven't marked as such, let me know about it.

Oh - this point version isn't my one-up, Stuart. ;)

What? Dammit. I was going to have to try hard as it was. I await your move :-)

Incidentally, can't you check for Opera by checking document.opera?
Posted by sil on May 10, 2004 @ 9:24 am

hehe, competative coding. I love it.

Close on the document.opera - it's window.opera. Thanks for the tip!
Posted by Steve on May 10, 2004 @ 9:47 pm

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