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05.12.2004 - Quadrisaw

Lately I've been writing an awful lot of tools, but there was a time when there were more games than anything else on this site. The last game I wrote was Diamond Slide on February 1st, and before that was Grand Prix on January 12th. So, around 4 months since the last game experiment.

With that in mind I googled for "puzzle games" last night and came across a site with lots of games that clearly go back to the stone age of the internet, being completely CGI based. I played the Quadrix game and liked it very much and thought I would create a version of my own.

My version isn't nearly as complicated as theirs - I suspect there is a good deal more math going on there than I would like to deal with - I just created a pattern and sliced it up, which suits my purposes and creates a fair enough challenge.

It also serves as a relatively good cross-browser demonstration of drag-and-drop code (tested and works in Mozilla, Netscape 6+, Firefox, MSIE6, Safari 1.0 and Opera 7+.), and I abuse the hell out of the opacity filter/styles as I am often want to do.

And of course - the link to the game, which I am calling "Quadrisaw" -- pronounced as though it were the name of a professional wrestler as referred to by another professional wrestler during an interview with Mean Gene Okerlund. "Quadrisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwww".

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