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05.27.2004 - Style Tweak v1.1

Last week Simon Willison posted a link to the Atom Discussion Minutes, along with a note about how to improve it's legability with some CSS using Jesse Ruderman's Test Styles favelet.

That reminded me that I had intended to introduce the ability to add selectors to the Style Tweaker back when I first released it based on Simon's comment about not being able to add them with mine.

So that reminded me of it, I wrote it, then became busy with other stuff, promptly forgot that I had written it, and I can now not remember what it was that reminded me tonight that I had written it. Honestly, its a wonder I get anything done with the usual state of my memory.

Updates in v1.1

  • Add Selectors: As stated, you can now add selectors. Just select "Add Selector(s)" or type away in the box with no selector picked and hit "apply". You can add more than one at a time.
  • Show CSS: Hit the "show" button to get the entire style sheet(s) written out in a new window
  • Delete: Choose a selector, hit the "delete" button and it and its rules will be gone.

Additionally, style sheets with a "media" attribute value of "print" will no longer show up in the list. If this is a problem for anyone, let me know -- they were getting in the way for me. If anyone was tweaking print styles with this thing I'll add it back in as an option.

Let me know of any problems you find and clear your cache if the changes aren't showing up for you.

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