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06.02.2004 - Color Palette Creator v1.2

Ok, one more point version for the Color Palette Creator, this one for Melissa.

Her comment requested a way to copy the color values to the clipboard - to my knowledge, there is no truely standards based way of doing this. MSIE has its window.clipboard object, and Gecko browsers have some odd security requirement for clipboard access, and I just didn't much feel like taking that route.

At first I just added a textarea element which would have hex values dropped into it, but this seemed a bit confusing as they were all just sort of lumped together line by line. So I decided to add a table of color data - the left column is the color, the right column is the value. All easily copyable, so hopefully Melissa will approve of my approach.

I've also added two buttons to determine what the output in that table will be -- either hex or the RGB values.

I also made a semi-interesting discovery while working on this. Opera 7.x seems incapable of refreshing the document when it comes to changing the background color of a table cell if that table cell is empty. You have to minimize and then maximize it or drag another window over the area to force a refresh. It could also just be my machine. I ended up placing a   in the table cell if window.opera to get around this.

Yay! Thank you. It works perfectly. :D I'll have to remember to blog this tomorrow. :)
Posted by Melissa on June 3, 2004 @ 2:04 am
Nice tool. Here are a couple of improvement, in no particular order:

- Click a colour in the palette to make it the new base colour

- A history of previous palette.
Posted by Ílbaum on June 4, 2004 @ 9:12 am

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