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06.20.2004 - Creating Hosted Favelets

A visitor to the site dropped me an email over the weekend expressing their interest in the favelets I've written and inquired as to whether or not I had ever written up any documentation on the techniques I employ when developing them. I responded that I had not, but that I thought that it would be a good idea for me to do so.

So, here goes - my first article on slayeroffice, discounting the one I wrote long ago detailing how to write a comment system without a database (long lost otherwise I'd link to it). Phew, what a miserable failure that was...not so much in concept as it was in practice. An interesting experiment at any rate. But I digress.

Creating Hosted Favelets goes over many of the common issues I have run into when writing applications of this sort, and gives tips on how to avoid them. It is by no means an end-all-be-all article on favelet creation and I will give you fair warning that I am in no way a skilled writer or even a very good teacher, but I hope that the information contained within will prove useful.

If there is anything you feel I left out, any question you feel is unanswered or there is anything you think I need to go into more detail on please let me know and I will certainly address it.

good article. I think hosted favelets can be very useful, although I have been unable to use your favelets due to a namespace conflict. I use init() as the initializing function on almost all of my pages. I suggest prefixing your functions with 'so_' (or something similar) to avoid these issues. you write some great utilities, I'd love to be able to use them with sites I've developed. keep up the good work.

Posted by chris on June 21, 2004 @ 4:09 pm

yeah - thats the advice i'm guilty of breaking. I made a note to myself last night to go through and make those changes.
Posted by Steve on June 21, 2004 @ 4:12 pm
Have been a long time fan of your scripts, great work Steve. One thing I keep wanting when you post a new favelet that uses one of your "modules" (like the suite) up in the left corner, is the ability to drag them around on the screen so that I can put it in a better location for whatever reason it may be. I even tried writing a favelet to allow me to add dragability to any given element, but I had to get back to my "real" work so it kind of got dropped. Anyway, I think that would be a great addition to those that use that module type concept.

Thanks again for providing these great scripts.
Posted by Aaron on June 21, 2004 @ 7:57 pm

Here's a draggable div link
Posted by Andrew Wooldridge on June 23, 2004 @ 7:15 am

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