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06.26.2004 - Letter Spacing Marquee

I'm not sure how this one got in my head...a TV commercial maybe, or perhaps I saw it elsewhere on the web. However it came to me, I like it.

The Letter Spacing Marquee uses the letter-spacing CSS attribute (you probably guessed that) to expand and contract the strings in the marquee for an interesting effect.

In addition to that, it uses the innerHTML of several child DIV elements to populate it's message array (meaning you can have as many or as few strings in the marquee without having to alter the script, only the markup), so it's behavior is truely seperated, allowing it to degrade nicely in NN4.

I discovered that Opera 7+ doesn't much care for altering letter-spacing via script - it sort of falls apart and doesn't quite keep up. So, in that browser, it merely does the "flip" action (you'll see what I mean when you have a look). It still functions as a marquee, just without the namesake letter-spacing animation.

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