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10.11.2004 - Decrapulator Update

I was contacted over the weekend and informed that Hotmail had changed their link crapulation methods, and that the Hotmail Link Decrapulator was no longer working.

I went and investigated, but it worked for me, so I thought perhaps it was user error or an anomaly of some sort. Then, more mails came in and I abandoned that notion. It looks to me like they are randomly changing the link format to use the old method as well as a new javascript: protocol method along with double encoding the url.

This update addresses the change, and it makes the favelet "hosted" so I can take care of this sort of nonsense and users of the favelet won't have to re-bookmark the link.

If you use the Decrapulator, you will need to re-bookmark now, however. The link below contains the update:

Hotmail Link Decrapulator

Right click, select "Add to Favorites" or "Bookmark this Link". Let me know if you run into issues, and obviously let me know if they muck about with the format again.

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