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11.04.2004 - portfolio.slayeroffice

A long time ago, before we had this great big world wide web we all love so much and computers were integral parts of a lot of peoples lives (my own included), I drew. A lot.

I even went to art school for a couple of years, and majored in drawing. At the time I figured I would either become a professor at one of the schools I had attended (turns out you need a Masters for that, though), or be a classic starving artist. I spent a good deal of time at the latter, doing charicature sketches, random freelance illustration work for tourist T-Shirts in D.C., and my personal favorite (which paid in food and alchohol) - working on drawings in the middle of a trendy restaurant while people had their dinner.

Then one day I heard of this thing called the internet and the transition from "artist" to geek began.

Up until a month ago, it had been around ten years since I had put pencil to paper and drawn anything outside of a doodle while on the phone. Back in August, while drinking a tremendous amount of beer with my good friend Kevin, we got on the subject of why I don't draw anymore. One thing led to another and he basically told me I was a dumb ass for letting it slip.

After some reflection, I realized he was right.

With that said, and completely and utterly against my better judgement, I give you portfolio.slayeroffice, a collection of recent drawings I've done in the past month. All are portraits, because that's what I enjoy drawing the most and all are done in colored pencil on cold press illustration board.

What I think might make this interesting to folks is that around the fourth drawing, a portrait of my friend Josh's son, I purchased a scanner. All drawings going forward will be scanned every hour or so while they're being worked on. I personally find it fascinating to watch them go from start to finish.

This also explains why this site hasn't seen much in the way of updates recently. Well, that and I got into the EQ2 beta a couple of weeks ago, but that's another story.

Wow! Amazing work. I had myself convinced that all of your talent was in writing JavaScript. Boy was I wrong.

As a lifelong geek who dreams of transitioning to being an artist, it's very inspiring. Keep it up!
Posted by Michael Moncur on November 4, 2004 @ 8:55 pm

...and as a liflong artist who is trying to learn the ways of the code-monkey, I am supremely envious of the duality of your skills.

You little smartass... :D
Posted by Andrew Krespanis on November 4, 2004 @ 10:55 pm

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