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11.20.2004 - CNG Redux

One of the first javascript games I wrote (back in late 2000, early 2001) was called Crazy Number Game. It pre-dated this site, and judging from the code any sort of knowledge of the web as well.

Here are some of the more amusing bits in the code:

  • No DOCTYPE, HTML or HEAD elements.
  • Loads of document.writes throughout the script.
  • All of the game elements are text inputs!
  • The BODY element is the last line in the document and appears to exist only to set the "bgcolor" and set up an onload event. It also doesn't close.
  • Font tags galore.
  • Evals everywhere.

As if that weren't enough to embarrass the hell out of me, it also doesn't work in anything other than MSIE, and only on Windows.

It is a pretty fun game, though, so I thought I'd revisit it. This time around it works in everything that you'd consider to be standards compliant, including Netscape 6. It's also the first game I've written under an XHTML Strict DOCTYPE and the first that doesn't use my old pal innerHTML anywhere.

Have a look: CNG Redux.

I love this! I'm also addicted, thanks a lot! :)
Posted by Jennifer on November 22, 2004 @ 10:23 pm
I'm glad you like it :)
Posted by Steve on November 23, 2004 @ 1:20 pm

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