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11.29.2004 - MODI v1.5

Aaron Barker has been at it again with another slick update to the Mouseover DOM Inspector.

This update adds the ability to freeze the info box by hitting the "up" arrow, which then allows you to mouseover the parent node hierarchy and view the data associated with each element in a seperate info box. The parent elements will be highlighted in a lighter shade of gray. Hit the "esc" key to turn off the secondary box and return the application to its default behavior.

I also slipped in an addition to this version that has been much requested, most recently by John of wow-factor -- the info box will now flip on its axis to prevent itself from being obscured by the edges of the browser window.

Clear your cache if the changes aren't showing up for you, or go here to bookmark it if you need it. As always, let me know if you run into problems.

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