slayeroffice - web experiments gone horribly awry

12.15.2002 - Changes

I've made some big changes to the UI of the site, as well as to the way its content is served. The left navigation menu now contains drop-down lists of everything you'll find within that category, and I've done away with the fade-in subcontent divs. I've added a contact form to the site, as well as a favorites icon, since i was seeing some 404's in my access log looking for it. The single biggest change is the way content is served up - gone is the javascript content system. This site is now old fashioned HTML. A couple of reasons for this: First, the javascript method was getting a bit cumbersome as I hadnt designed it to be too terribly flexible. Second, it completely circumvented any efforts made by robots to index the site, since as far as they could tell there werent any links on the page. I've gone through and checked to make sure all the links are correct, but if you find anything i missed, let me know. You could even use the new contact form. If you are unfamiliar with v1 of this site, you can still see it here.

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