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03.21.2005 - SxSW Feedback

Since the SxSW feedback form gave me a database error on submit, I'll post my suggestions here:

  1. Start the presentations earlier in the morning (yes, I considered hangovers - just drink more water and you'll be fine), let them run longer than an hour, and dont have so many at the same time. I dislike being guaranteed to miss 3/4 of the content because too much is happening at once.
  2. Let us put our URL's on our badges. I recognize more people by their site than I do their name.
  3. While we're on badges - print them with a larger font. I kept wanting to ctrl/+ people's badges. (Yes I wear glasses and yes the prescription is well out of date)
  4. Let us give panel feedback online, not with those little bits of paper. I have a laptop. I have wi-fi. But I don't have a pencil. You'll get more and better feedback, to be sure.
  5. Not sure how possible this one is, but larger rooms would be nice. Not being able to attend a panel because I'm two minutes late and the room is so over-crowded that the fire marshal would cry is a little disapointing.
  6. With that - if panels become so popular that people need to be turned away, perhaps an encore is in order?
  7. More in-depth technical content. I for one would have loved to have listened to Chris and Dunstan describe how they came about their solution to the Flickr challenge and what they had done code-wise. Not that there was time for that because the panel wasn't allotted enough time. And so you see the list come full circle.

Outside of these things - spectacular. I had a great time, met many great people whom I've long respected and fully intend to travel to Austin again in 2006.

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