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05.09.2005 - MODI Fixes

MODI Fixes and enhancements from this evening:

From Simon:
"It would be great if the window had a maximum width and wrapped long attributes to fit that width, rather than exploding outwards."
Fixed. I've added a max-width of 400px to the data window, word-wrap:break;, white-space:-moz-pre-wrap; and white-space:-o-pre-wrap; to the li elements and I now insert a space at every 50th character in the attribute value to enforce a break if the browser isn't MSIE.
From Richard:
"In IE6/Win2K turning freeze mode off, then back on freezes it at the current position, not at 10,10."
This was actually intentional, but I can see the use of a means to put the Data Window back at 10,10. Hitting the "1" key will now "snap" it to the top-left corner of the browser, taking scroll into account. This also places the favelet back in "freeze" mode.
Also from Richard:
"In the current version you can hover over the p element and see that its ancestor has "myClass" applied. With the new version you have to dig to get this information. This is one of the most useful bits of the current version IMO."
I had completely forgotten to add that into the new version. It's back in.
From someone who didnt provide their name:
"In IE6, pressing H to hide an element works, but pressing it again results in an error on line 745: is null or not an object"
From the same nameless user:
"In Firefox, the single-key commands don't work. They activate find-as-you-type instead. I have find-as-you-type turned on for all text, not just links, in case that makes a difference."
I'm not seeing this. Not on Windows or OS X. The buttons work, but the find stuff jumps down the page to highlight what it has found. Annoying, but I don't know that anything can be done for it. Suggestions are welcome.

There are a few other things I've not had a chance to investigate, and hope to get to them tomorrow. Please keep the feedback coming!

Important! You'll most likely need to clear your browser cache to get the new version. If when invoked the favelet still reports itself as v2.0 instead of v2.0.1, you'll know to do it. Go here to grab the favelet if you don't have it.

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