slayeroffice - web experiments gone horribly awry

12.20.2002 - I can live with it.

Ok...I think i've finally settled on a content serving method i can live with. The site now serves stuff up via a hidden 1x1 iframe - that iframe then calls a method on the parent document that populates the content div with the iframe's content. This allows a small page - 6k, bot crawling since the hrefs on the page point to something physical, and keeps the "no page transition" main page navigation i love so much.

I've also added the ability to link to individual content div's on the page, like this: This works by building an array of all the links on the page who's className is subNavLink, then checking the url for a parameter, and finally seeing if that parameter returns a positive indexOf on any of the linkArray indexes. If it does, I load that index as the iframes src, and from there it behaves exactly like it would if someone had clicked a link.

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