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03.07.2006 - SXSW!

SXSW 2006 is fast approaching, and since several other folks I read have pimped their panels, I'll do the same.

Come see Kevin Lawver, Kimberly Blessing, Arun Ranganathan, Alla Gringaus and myself talk about Web Standards, AOL and what we did to get the two to mesh.

We're slotted for 10am on Tuesday the 14th. I realize this is terribly early in the morning, especially considering the vast number of evening events the night before, but consider this: I'll be at those events too, probably far drunker than you, and I have to be at the convention center a whole hour before you! If you don't learn anything about introducing corporate behemoths to Web Standards, you'll most certainly learn how to carry yourself gracefully despite a wicked hangover.

See you in Texas!

Steven, it was great to meet you and the AOL crew today. Come hell or hangover, I will be there Tuesday morning. I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Posted by Steve Ganz on March 12, 2006 @ 9:04 am

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