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03.16.2006 - Home!

SxSW was once again a fantastic time, with many panels attended, many beers drank and many friends, new and old alike to have a laugh with.

Some key moments this year:

  • Having lunch Saturday with a large group of people at the Iron Cactus upstairs at the only table without a canopy above it and the methods employed to avoid sunburn.
  • Finally getting to meet Mr. Stuart Langridge over a five beer lunch.
  • Kevin Lawver's joke on my shirt at our panel and having folks say "nice shirt" to me for the rest of the conference.
  • The best "nice shirt" incident being during lunch the afternoon after our panel while coming out of the men's room at a Cajun restaurant on 6th Street. I opened the door, and a gentleman holding an infant was about to come in. I took a step back to hold the door open for him and he looked at me, smiled and said "hey, nice shirt.".
  • Buying the Misfits clock that I had seen last year in the window of a head shop on 6th street, along with an Iron Maiden onesie.
  • Our panel not sucking one single bit.

My photos from this year are up on Flickr, and the slides from the panel are on Kevin's site. Hopefully we were recorded and the podcast will be made available.

Some (and by no means all) of the new people I met this year in no particular order:

If we met and I left you off this list, I mean no slight. Please drop me a line so we can keep in touch, and if we didn't meet this year, there is always next.

It was great to finally meet the man... the myth... the sunburned legend.

We'll have to do it again some time :)
Posted by Aaron Barker on March 17, 2006 @ 5:25 am

I'm sorry about the shirt thing. I wrote that slide a week before the conference even started. I thought it would break the ice and get people to ask questions. I didn't realize that Marc Canter would be in the audience, and the slide was superfluous.
Posted by Kevin on March 17, 2006 @ 5:41 pm
'twas indeed cool meeting up with you in the wasp meeting as all the DOM scripters went to bombard Dori.
Posted by Dustin Diaz on March 18, 2006 @ 2:11 am
It was great meeting you, dude. It sucks we live on opposite ends of the country. You and Mr. Smith were a blast to hang out with and it's too bad we have to wait another year to hoist a few cold ones together. I'll have to look for some excuses to get out to D.C. in the interim. Best of luck with the new addition!
Posted by Steve Ganz on March 18, 2006 @ 5:08 pm

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