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02.09.2007 - SXSWi 2007 Panel

It's official - "How to Convince your Company to Embrace Mashup Culture" is on for SXSWi 2007. It'll be myself, Kevin Lawver, Greg Cypes, Alla Gringaus and Arun Ranganathan.

If the line-up seems familiar, its because its everyone from How to Convince Your Company to Embrace Web Standards from last year, minus Kimberly since she doesn't work at AOL anymore, and is essentially a follow up to that panel. Namely, once you've gotten your company on-board with web standards, what's next?

Openness and standards go hand in hand, so we'll be talking about AOL's "2.0pen" initiative and the things that we've done to make that possible with our involvement in the new public APIs AOL has released, our involvement with contributing to things like Dojo, our authorship of microformats like ModuleT, the public APIs from other companies that we're taking advantage of, and all the other myriad cool things you wouldn't expect from AOL.

It promises to be a very cool panel, and I'm pretty excited about it. Better still, its scheduled to be a 5pm panel early in the conference, which means no getting up at the ass-crack of dawn with a hangover on the last day to attend like last year. I still shudder when I think about that brutally cold, barely sober walk from the hotel to the convention center at 8am. Awful, that.

Great to hear about this panel! I'd love to hear what the conversations were like inside the walls of a big corporation as you discussed how to open up the APIs. It seems like a difficult thing to do given the very tight, security-concerned folks who run the IT departments there....
Posted by Tracy Ruggles on February 9, 2007 @ 10:07 pm
Oh please oh please don't show up to this one drunk too... ;)
Posted by Kevin on February 10, 2007 @ 12:13 am
@Tracy: Glad to hear you're interested! Hope to see you there.

@Kevin: I make no promises!
Posted by Steve on February 10, 2007 @ 12:26 am

See you there.
Posted by Craig on February 12, 2007 @ 3:39 pm
Shall I bring the instruments I used to convince the company to embrace mashups. Perhaps a demonstration of the "torture" devices is in order. hehe.
Posted by GregsBlog on February 22, 2007 @ 12:06 pm
Looking forward to it!
Posted by Steve Ganz on March 1, 2007 @ 12:47 am

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