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04.10.2007 - Two Player Memory Match

I demo'd this project at our SXSW Panel, but I've not been able to make it publicly available since it has dependencies on build 0.19 of the WIM API which had yet to clear QA.

Well, that cleared last week and is now up on the AOL CDN for public consumption.

The most signicant portion of this release is the data IM capability and is the focus of this demo - a two player, peer to peer memory match game that only uses javascript to do its thing.

The whole point of this application is to show that the WIM API is more than pre-fab widgets, buddy lists, away messages and IM. Its about real time two way data transfer between browsers without having to stand up anything on your server. You reference the API on our CDN, assign your callbacks, start a session and you're good to go. That's pretty cool.

Check out the game client over here and please let me know of any issues you encounter. If you're interested in seeing its data stream, paste the following into the browser's navigation bar before starting up a game: javascript:void(AIM.params.DEBUG = true);

For more information on the WIM API, see my AIM client demo or the official documentation. The javascript source for the game client can be found here.

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