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07.16.2007 - Pints with the Prime Minister

The highlight of my most recent trip to Dublin:

Steve and Bertie Ahern, the Prime Minister of Ireland

That's me with the the Prime Minister (or Taoiseach) of Ireland, met at his local - Fagan's, in Dublin.

The last time I was in Dublin was during elections. There were campaign posters everywhere - buildings, buses, light poles, small children, dogs. If it held still long enough for a person to tack a sign on, it had one.

This is how I and the group of folks I was with recognized Mr. Ahern at Fagan's, which - according to Mr. Eain Jones and Mr. Diarmuid Gill is his local, and his being there is not at all uncommon.

So there he was, the head of state, leaning against the bar having a pint of what I presume to be Bass Ale. There wasn't anyone crowding around him, and the rest of the folks in the pub didn't seem at all flustered by his presence.

I too was enjoying a Bass, and with it in hand approached the Taoiseach, congratulated him on his re-election, and asked if it would be too much to ask to have a photo together. He was happy to do it, asked how my trip was going and some other small talk, then we both went back to our pints. Nice fellow. Now if I can just get that George Bush down to my local...

Of course its up to your guys to replicate. When we go to visit you we want you to arrange for us to have a pint with your head of state. Quid pro quo as we call it here ;-)
Posted by Diarmuid Gill on March 20, 2008 @ 5:07 pm
I will be awaiting your colored pencil drawing of Bertie!
Posted by Josh Stodola on July 16, 2007 @ 8:31 pm
That is a truly awesome and amazing story! I had to share with several celtic coworkers.
Posted by ian hughes on July 27, 2007 @ 10:53 pm

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