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08.20.2007 - Flickr Stuff

And now for something actually related to web development! And not related to AIM! Or portraiture! Kinda!

When I do a drawing, I not only annoy you by posting it here, but I also put it on my portraiture site and flickr, not to mention deviantART and circaVie.

I wanted visitors to the site to be able to leave feedback and see how other folks were reacting to my work, but I didn't want to enable comments on because I didn't want to deal with yet-another-spam-magnet. So, I thought it might be nice to link to the comments that folks had left about the drawings on flickr and include how many had marked a drawing as a favorite. A little futzing around with the flickr JSON API and I was up and running.

An example of what the script does can be seen here, towards the bottom, underneath the drawing details. It informs the user of how many comments the drawing has, with a link to the first comment and how many favorites the drawing has with a link to the page that shows the flickr users that have labled the drawing a favorite. If no one has favorited or commented on the drawing (wtf?!) nothing shows up. If the drawing only has comments and no favorites, or if a drawing has favorites and no comments, the wording is different. It even take plurality into account and changes wording based on that.

I've put some documentation on it here for those interested.

In other news, I now have an atom feed for, so if you're at all interested in having your feed reader spammed by my in-progress drawings, by all means sign up!

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