slayeroffice - web experiments gone horribly awry

11.06.2003 - Happy Birthday slayeroffice!

One year ago today this site made its debut on the web. One year later it's got a lot more useless stuff on it and looks kinda different. Here's the first ever post:

"This site was just recently moved from my office intranet where it was hosted on my unix box,, running under AOLserver. It's now on a linux box running Apache, so some things arent going to work until i get around to rewriting them in PHP. Whats broken? Why, thats part of the adventure and i certainly wouldnt want to ruin that for you. "

I had forgotten that I used to call it slayerDOToffice. Good times.

In addition, a friend asked that I update the Color Mixer to work in browsers other than MSIE5+, so I did - it now works in all standards compliant browsers. I really need to go over a lot of the older content and update it to be non IE only I think.

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