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02.22.2004 - speak updated/fixed

I was skimming through my access log earlier and noticed that someone was apparently displeased with the application I wrote last July that would parse a phrase you type in and then "speak" it back to you using the Merriam-Webster pronunciations keys. I base this assumption on the following url:

That along with another far more colorful phrase clued me in that perhaps there was a problem -- and yes, there was. It wasn't working at all, so, I've fixed it. It even works in Mozilla, Firefox and Netscape 7 now.

That said, if you find something on the site that doesn't work, tell me! There's a lot of stuff here and I don't check it every day to make sure something hasn't changed somewhere that would cause it to break. Cursing into my access log doesn't help anything in most cases, though some of it is fairly amusing.

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