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04.17.2004 - Favelet Suite

With the addition of the Javascript Object Tree favelet my bookmarks toolbar has officially become entirely too crowded for my liking.

In order to free some space, I've written a new favelet that creates a menu of all of my development favelets on the current document. Yes -- a favelet that invokes favelets. I'm calling it the Favelet Suite.

Included in the Favelet Suite are:

  • HTML Attribute Viewer
  • HTTP Header Viewer
  • Hidden Field Modifier
  • Javascript Object Tree
  • Mouseover DOM Inspector
  • Object Dimensions
  • Resize Fonts
  • Ruler
  • Show Source
  • Style Sheet Tweak
  • Style Sheet Viewer

The Javascript Object Tree, Style Sheet Viewer, and Style Sheet Tweaker will not show up in the menu if you are in MSIE as they don't work in that browser.

The Ruler favelet will be either mine or centricle's, depending on your browser.

Any new favelets I write will be included in this suite, so unless you've got your browser set to cache like mad you should get them automatically through this menu when it's updated, so that's kind of cool.

Right click the following link and do what you need to do to get it in your favorites list:
Favelet Suite.

This is great. I was thinking about a way to improve it would be to have a collapse option so it doesn't really cover the page so much - but when I was thinking about why I would want that when using these favlets it doesn't really seem to be necessary.
Posted by Scooter on April 20, 2004 @ 2:07 pm

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