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04.23.2004 - Slide Show

I was surfing around last night and wound up on Travis Beckham's podLob, an incredible site full of extremely good Flash and DHTML experiments.

As you know, I am a big fan of rewriting Flash stuff in DHTML, so naturally I was intrigued by the possibilities that Mr. Beckham's site offered for experimentation of my own.

One piece in particular that I liked very much was a Flash application he calls "Image Viewer", which you'll find linked on his site on the right side of the page, listed as #51. It shows a series of thumbnails which upon being clicked by the user expand into their full size and slide across the canvas. Pretty neat.

So I've written a similiar one in Javascript. It works in MSIE 6, MacIE 5.2, Gecko based browsers (including NS6), Konqueror and Safari.

Opera, both Windows v7.2 and Mac v7.5, seem to be incapable of resizing images on the fly, so it doesnt work for that browser, though it does degrade quite nicely for Netscape 4. If I'm just missing something with the Opera thing, let me know.

Give the Slide Show a look.

Very nice! I'm becoming big fan of using DHTML tricks to spruce up sites in ways that add to the experience if they can but are completely accessible and useable if JS is turned off.

Does it work in any of the WinIE 5xs?

A couple of things I noticed:

In Firefox 0.8 for OSX - No images at all show up if transparency is enabled.

In Safari 1.2.1 (The latest version) - If an image is minimized by clicking the large version it no longer animates when you re-enlarge it. The big version shows up, there is just no animation. I just went back to double-check this. And I thought I was going crazy, because it worked perfectly. But I'm not insane. If transparency is disabled it works fine. If transparency is on, manually minimized images won't animate on re-opening.

Again, very cool work.
Posted by Xian on April 29, 2004 @ 4:03 am

Thanks, Xian.

It was doing the same thing in Firefox 0.8 on Windows as well, and had to do with me incrementing the opacity value by .01, which I could have sworn I had removed earlier.

Seems ok now, and maybe that fixed the OSX Firefox issue as well.

I haven't got access to Safari 1.2.1, but hopefully that solved the issue there too. That'd be lucky, wouldn't it?
Posted by Steve on April 29, 2004 @ 4:55 am

FYI, it works in Firefox (PC) 0.9
Posted by Lintegras on June 27, 2004 @ 2:26 am

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