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06.25.2004 - Slide Show II

A new experiment this evening -- Slide Show II.

A standard image gallery consisting of five image elements. The image elements are cloned three times each and placed at the top, right, bottom and left of their parent element who has its overflow property set to hidden. The image elements have a 35% opacity applied to them, and when a corresponding number is clicked on, the four images slide in to converge. An interesting effect.

It works in all standards compliant browsers, though the effect is dulled a bit (ok...significantly) in those that lack support for opacity. It also degrades nicely in NN4.

I would like speak and write well english, to say how beatifull are your work.

Abílio from Portugal ( Europe )
Posted by Abílio Oliveira ( from Portugal ) on June 29, 2004 @ 2:34 pm

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