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11.06.2004 - Terrible Twos

This site is two years old today. If it were a child, this would signify it's entrance into the "terrible twos", where bowls of cereal are purposefully thrown at walls and things it knows it isn't supposed to play with are and then broken beyond repair. Cats would cower in fear when it toddled into a room, it's head would often get stuck between stair railings and it's parents would often find themselves chasing it through the grocery store, watching in horror as it knocked over carefully constructed displays of boxes of the same cereal that were dashed onto the walls that very morning.

With any luck, this year will prove no different for the site.

If you're particularly bored, here are the news archives going all the way back to November 6th, 2002. Make sure you do a shot of your favorite spirits every time you see the phrase "Win IE5.5+ only", and chug a beer each time you come across a proposed project that was never finished.

Hey there! Any chance you'd like to restart that game? It looks interesting. Alternatively, I have another game project that you might find of some interest - email me at sometime if you are interested. You can read about it on my blog

Andrew Wooldridge
Posted by Andrew Wooldridge on November 7, 2004 @ 5:59 pm

"With any luck, this year will prove no different for the site."

Not if you're a good "parent" unlike the human examples you gave. :-)
Posted by on November 8, 2004 @ 5:36 pm

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