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04.10.2005 - PSP Browser Objects

As mentioned previously, I picked up a PSP the other week. Yesterday, I picked up a copy of Wipeout Pure -- I heard it was a good game, but more importantly this is the game that contains the hackable browser.

The hack is a clever one, and consists of pointing the PSP to a DNS server that reports the hard-wired URL that the browser in the game wants to go to as another host. Detailed instructions on how to set this up can be found in this Engadget article.

Being the javascript geek I am, the first thing I did was set up a test page to see what sort of DOM support the browser offered (ok, the first thing I did was hit slayeroffice to see how it rendered. CSS support in the browser is impressive from what I have seen).

Unfortunately, the browser object support is pretty limited. No modern methods like createElement seem to exist, though document.write and writeln are there. I've compiled a list of supported objects and properties over here for those interested.

Considering the fact that the PSP is capable of updating itself, lets hope that the browser sees a few updates. I for one think it would be pretty cool to write a PSP game in javascript. :)

Next up is seeing if I can figure out what events the buttons on the device throw in the browser. A quick test showed that the onclick event occurs when a link is activated with the X button, but it'd be nice if an onkeydown event (or something similar) with a unique keycode was available to differentiate between the triangle and the circle buttons.

If you've any additional information about the PSP browser please leave a comment about it!

Wow very interesting... I, yet, do not own a PSP but I am buying it as fast as I get money for it and the prices go little lower... Maybe whne they have a better version of PSP?

My friend is a PSP fanatic, yet hes not a big gveek about the "hackings" (should I say) of PSP... Ill give him the link.. Hell find this very interesting.....

3 q's:

1: The signals PSP get... Is that from regular wireless routers from home users who dont have securty nor encryption on their routers or you gotta have a wireless intenret service (like Tmobile's TZones or actual $30 wireless internet) in order to get signals?

2: Does this mean that theres no way of "surfing the net" with PSP while inside a moving vehicle? (since wifi signals are weak as is, moving away or just moving will kill the signals)

3: You just GOTTA have Wipeout Pure? No ways of just extracting the "hackable" browser and putting it on media stick?

thx for the post... very intruiging... Good stuff.. i really wonna get this stuff.. [sorry for bad grammar]
Posted by kurupt on April 11, 2005 @ 6:57 am

@1: Its from wireless routers, and supports WEP. It will actually scan for wireless access poiints, much like a powerbook. If that signal requires a WEP key, it will prompt you for it.

@2: Correct.

@3: As far as I know, Wipeout Pure is required, though I wouldnt be surpised if the browser becomes a part of the firmware at some point. I havent picked up the USB cable yet, so I'm not sure if you cdan read from the UMD drive over it or not, but that would be my guess on how to pull that bit off.
Posted by Steve on April 11, 2005 @ 12:45 pm

I found some site with <a href="">Puzzle games</a> here. Check it out and have fun
Posted by brian on April 17, 2005 @ 6:33 pm
It'd be great if you could transfer files from UMD to Memory Stick/PC, hackers have been able to transfer UMD games using the USB wire (not sure how though!)

I agree, with future firmwares the browsers should be included as standard >v1.5 or putting a browser on the Memory Stick

Keep up the good work here m8

PS - Great site! :)
Posted by Sharry on June 9, 2005 @ 4:39 pm

does anybody know if the wipeout pure browser supports ssl? I don't have the game and probably won't buy it if the browser doesn't support ssl.

but i guess it is a tall order to ask in the first place...
Posted by victor on June 10, 2005 @ 2:03 am

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