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05.11.2005 - A little more MODI...

A couple of updates to MODIv2 this evening:

  • Child Nodes. The child nodes of the current object are displayed under the Parent Structure list. All node types are accounted for, and element nodes can be highlighted when you hover over them. Text nodes are displayed as "#text" just like they are in the Mozilla DOM inspector, and their value is set as the value of the list item's title attribute. The highlight color (default is #FAFAFA) can be changed in your preference file, as can that list's default display.
  • Textarea/Input Pause. When a textarea or text input gets focus, the favelet will go into Pause Mode to allow interaction with the element and not do all sorts of crazy things as you type your search query. Click off of the input to unpause. Thanks to Simon for the suggestion.

And a few other small tweaks, like disabling "keep in view" when the Data Window is longer than the available vertical space in the browser, such as when the children list is very long.

I've also added MODIv2 to the Favelet Suite. You'll want to clear your cache if MODI isn't reporting itself as v2.0.2 or isn't showing up in the suite, and as always - let me know of any problems you encounter.

One other thing that I had forgotten about until I updated the page for the suite - if you are using Maxthon, you'll need to do the following to get favelets to work:

  • Bookmark the link. Check and notice that Maxthon bookmarks the page, not the link.
  • Copy the link location from the link and paste it into the properties of the favorite in the URL field.
  • Answer "yes" to IE complaining about unsafe links.
  • Restart Maxthon because it appears to reference favorites from memory.
  • Enjoy. :)

Thanks to Mr. Pirillo for bringing the problem to my attention.

i love your modi v2. great tool for web dev that makes my life much easier. i used to use firefox dom inspector, but it does not work on ms ie and others. not sure if this has been brought up, but one suggestion i have is would it be possible to locate object info window in a smarter fashion. say if the info window is placed on top-left and my mouse is moving toward that area, the window moves to bottom-right automatically. this could be really helpful if we have content all over the screen.
Posted by xman101 on May 13, 2005 @ 2:59 pm
One thing you could do is hit the "F" key to have the Data Window follow the mouse around rather than stay static. You can also drag the window to where you want (or hit F, mouse to the opposite side of the browser and hit F again).

I'll think on adding something that will cause the window to jump away from the mouse as an option. Thanks for the feedback!
Posted by Steve on May 13, 2005 @ 4:12 pm

This is an excellent bookmarklet.

Do you know if Aardvark ( or

Platypus ( are based off of this?


Posted by Jed on May 14, 2005 @ 11:02 pm

Thanks, Jed. No - I dont believe they are based on this. If they are, no one told me about it :)
Posted by Steve on May 15, 2005 @ 2:06 am
Modi doesn't work well on Frameset window.

I don't know if it is possible to make it work, but if not, it should let the user know about it, and not issue a JavaScript error on line 98:

mObj = d.getElementsByTagName("body")[0].appendChild(d.createElement("div"));

(I'm using IE, don't know how it is on other browsers.)
Posted by Splintor on May 17, 2005 @ 4:42 am

MODI is just great!

Why can't MODI "autoscroll" on BBspot?
Posted by WF on May 18, 2005 @ 8:27 pm

@WF: define "autoscroll", please.

@ Splintor: Thanks - frames are on the todo list.
Posted by Steve on May 18, 2005 @ 9:57 pm

"Autoscroll" : When I scroll on BBspot, MODI doesn't stick... :-)
Posted by WF on May 19, 2005 @ 9:57 am
@WF: Ah, ok - thanks. I'll look into it!
Posted by Steve on May 19, 2005 @ 11:52 am

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