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02.03.2007 - I <3 Clay

I think I'm making some pretty good progress with the polymer clay. Have a look at my first one, created on Monday:

Photo of Sculpture: Fred

And here is the one I just finished this evening:

Photo of Sculpture: Donald

I'm pretty pleased with them, and each one seems better than the one from the day before. Here are in-progress photos of each one I've done over the past five days:

  1. Fred - 01.29.07
  2. Maggie - 01.30.07
  3. Arthur - 01.31.07
  4. Stan - 02.01.07
  5. Edward - 02.02.07
  6. Donald - 02.03.07

I switched from Fimo to Super Sculpey after the first two (still using Fimo for hair, etc) and I like it much more. Its far more malleable and smoothes out much easier. I also picked up some acrylic paints and chalks starting with Stan which helped with adding details like blush on cheeks, skin pigmentation, eyebrows and that sort of thing.

I'm really enjoying this stuff - lots of fun :)

Those look really nice. A friend of mine works in the toy industry and uses a special very hard wax for scultping. Not sure what it's called but you have to sculpt it with a heated element to soften the area you're working on.

Previously, on his own projects, he used a combination of various things. He'd use Super Sculpey a lot for figures and did use Fimo for certain things like stones and things where Fimo was more suited to the texture.

When he really wants to get a lot of detail in something, though, he uses epoxy putty. It's the kind that comes in two sticks, one being a hardening agent, which when mixed together, starts to harden. Therefore, you have to work with it a little at a time and it hardens almost to rock and is therefore nowhere near as brittle as Super Sculpey. Since his materials were used for building molds, Super Sculpey would break a lot, the epoxy putty holds up.

Also, I'm not sure what tools you use for scuplting but his favorite are dental tools.
Posted by Wade Winningham on February 4, 2007 @ 3:17 pm

'Donald' looks suspiciously like...'Howard' (Cosell, that is). Is his hair removable?

Now you'll have to do an 'Ali' as well.
Posted by adios on February 6, 2007 @ 6:05 am

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